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Our Mission Statement

The centre of our attention: the person

At Universitätsklinikum Erlangen we generate first-class medical achievements for our patients recovering from physical, mental and social illnesses. We are taking up ethical questions concerning our patients’ coping with their diseases.

We value the personality and the needs of our patients and their relatives. This also applies to gender-related aspects. It is important for us to collaborate closely before and after treatment with transferring physicians as well as with medical and nursing establishments.

We are getting involved in research and teaching in the best interest of our patients. Research results of the university hospital are recognized nationwide and worldwide. For the well-being of our patients we incorporate research results into our daily work.

We are promoting advancement in research, teaching and medical care by exchanging knowledge

  • in common projects within establishments of the university hospital,
  • with the faculties of the university and
  • with external partners.

We are advocating patient-oriented and trendsetting education for our students. We want them to become physicians who care for patients in their entirety.

We are training our apprentices and pupils up-to-date at the highest stage of professional knowledge and competence. We encourage them to think and act independently.

Motivated members of staff are conditioned for top-quality achievements. Therefore we are practicing a methodical human resources development. We want to appoint every employee according to his capability and talent.

We are dealing carefully and economically with the inventory of our workplaces, medicaments and medical supplies. We consider effectiveness and efficiency to be a result of responsible work with regard to quality and environmental protection.