Our Services

Dear Patient,

With the International Patient Office taking care of all your administrative issues, you can completely focus on your recovery. Our services are completely free of charge.

The services of International Patient Office include:

  • processing of treatment enquiry: consulting the chief-physician of the department concerned for a treatment suggestion
  • issuing a cost estimate of treatment expenses in German or English
  • collecting and holding in trust the advance payment of costs until the final invoice has been issued
  • administrative support of patients preferably in their mother tongue
  • supervision of cost behaviour during treatment
  • issuing a final invoice
  • prompt refund in case of overpayment
  • on demand: assistance in visa application and visa extending
  • on demand: organising transportation to/from the airport (in case ambulance is required) and assistance in finding suitable accommodation, interpreter or translation services

In case you are considering treatment at the university hospital or wish therapy planning based on your medical records, please do not hesitate to contact us.