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Administrative and financial matters are managed by the university hospital’s International Patient Office. Its staff always endeavours to ensure that all the necessary steps in the procedure are handled smoothly and promptly. If you have any questions about the cost estimate and the bill, please contact the International Patient Office.

Cost estimate and appointment

The medical documents that are submitted or the information about the disease will initially be reviewed by an experienced expert in the respective specialist area. A list of the anticipated costs of treatment will be prepared on the basis of the treatment recommendations. This is a provisional calculation, which is based on the medical examination results, that were provided, and it may differ from the effective costs.

If desired, we will send you a provisional appointment for treatment together with the treatment recommendations and the cost estimate. We will confirm this appointment upon receipt of the payment.

We will do our best to arrange an appointment on a date that is convenient for you. Please indicate desired dates. We do not have lengthy waiting times as a rule. Please note that we are unable to confirm an appointment until the amount stated on the cost estimate has been paid.

Payment options

After you have decided in favour of a medical treatment at Universitätklinikum Erlangen, we will ask you to transfer the total amount stated in the cost estimate to the account indicated for Universitätklinikum Erlangen.

The following payments are possible: cash, bank transfer, EC card and credit card.

Final bill

We will ascertain the costs of the services actually provided about six to eight weeks after the end of the treatment. If they are less than the advance payment, we will reimburse the balance immediately. The final bill may necessitate making an additional payment in some cases, particularly if complications arise.