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Preparations at home

Preparations at home

Nationals of many countries must have a visa to enter Germany. Please ensure that you obtain the essential documents in good time.

Patients and accompanying persons must take out medical travel insurance before entering Germany. The insurance must therefore be taken out in the home country.

We ask our patients to bring their current medical results with them to spare them additional examinations. Apart from medical documents, such results include X-rays, CT/MRI images or tissue specimens.

Patients who regularly take medication at home should bring it with them or a complete list of their medication.


Patients who need a visa will be sent a letter of invitation for forwarding to the embassy. This requires the amount shown on the cost estimate to have been received in full on the Erlangen university hospital’s account. Please contact us if you need our assistance.

To be able to issue a letter of invitation, we need the following information: name and surname (exactly as in the passport), date of birth of all persons intending to travel to Germany (i. e. of the patient and his/her accompanying persons, if applicable), passport number, date of issue and date of expiry. We suggest sending a scanned picture of the passport to us to avoid misspellings in the letter of invitation. You will find further information about applying for a visa on the web pages of the German embassy in your home country.

Medical travel insurance

People who are travelling to Germany to receive medical treatment and accompanying persons are required by law to take out medical travel insurance. This medical travel insurance must be taken out in the home country, e. g. through the travel agency.