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Canceled: 15th International Erlangen Course In Facial Plastic Surgery

Canceled: 15th International Erlangen Course In Facial Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty Special Edition

Interactive Video Instruction Course; Fresh Cadaver Dissections

17. Juni 2020 08.00 Uhr
20. Juni 2020 16.00 Uhr

HNO-Klinik: Hörsaal
Waldstr. 1
91054 Erlangen

Raum: Hörsaal der HNO

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Unfortunately the Corona pandemic is still far from being overcome. Thousands of people worldwide are suffering from tragic losses of their family members, friends and fellow human beings. On behalf of the whole team we would like to express our sympathies to those who have been affected by this unpredictable disease. We also would like to thank all those working in our health system and all other areas who are continuously making a great effort in treating Covid-19 patients and helping those in need. Their service cannot be appreciated enough!

We have been monitoring the developments in this pandemic very closely during the last months. Fortunately, small signs of improvement can be detected. Subsequently many people are talking about a so-called “reopening”. However, this is a delicate balance, and no one can really anticipate how this situation is going to evolve during the next months. Most travel restrictions, quarantine regulations, and a ban on indoor meetings are still commonly in place, also at our institution.

According to these circumstances and our responsibility to protect all participants, our faculty and staff unfortunately we have no other choice than to cancel the “15th International Erlangen Course in Facial Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty Special Edition”, June 17-20.

We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause, and we feel the same great disappointment as you do. But we hope for your understanding that this is the only sensible way for all of us to stay healthy.

But there is also some good news: As a substitute we are planning an Online Rhinoplasty Panel – free of charge – via Zoom during the original course dates. Exact date and time, and further information will be announced shortly. Please stay tuned!

Thank you very much for your continued interest and support!


Jochen Wurm


Wurm J., Prof.
Iro H., Prof.

Special Guest:

Dean Toriumi, M.D., Chicago, Illinois

Course Secretary:

Mrs. Birgit Lenz / Juliane Fastnacht
HNO-Klinik Waldstrasse 1
91054 Erlangen
Phone: 09131 85-33631
Fax: 09131 85-33349
E-Mail: hno-kurssekretariat(at)uk-erlangen.de

Participation of the wet lab anatomy preparations can only be guaranteed after complete course fee payment by bank transfer.

Registration Fees:

Course with cadaver dissections: € 980 Euro, 
Course without cadaver dissections:  € 680 Euro.


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