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International Erlangen Course Facial Plastic Surgery

International Erlangen Course Facial Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty meets Otoplasty

The 14th International Erlangen Course in Facial Plastic Surgery from April 17.-20., 2018 will now continue the programm of our previous course on "Septum Surgery and Principles in Rhinoplasty". Based on these contents it is our main goal to illustrate the modern an innovative techniques in rhinoplasty in detail. We are convinced that high quality instructional video clips can provide a greater variety of different surgical techniques and lead to a more interactive discussion than conventional live surgery.

17. April 2018 13.00 Uhr
20. April 2018 16.00 Uhr

HNO-Klinik: Hörsaal
Waldstr. 1
91054 Erlangen

Raum: Hörsaal der HNO

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This time the course will be completet by the topic "Otoplasty". In addition to step-by-step demonstrations of contemporary and approved surgical techniques we will present our concepts in revision surgery, different approaches in minor malformations an reconstructions.

The participants subsequently will have the oppertunity to apply their new surgical skills during the dissections course on fresh frozen specimens under personal guidance of the faculty members.

Course Secretary:

Birgit Lenz, Kathrin Dauth

Phone: +49 9131 85-33631
E-Mail: hno-kurssekretariat(at)uk-erlangen.de

Course Fees:

950 € course with cadaver dissections

650 € course without cadaver dissections

250 € Day pass (each), April 17.-19.

Online Registration


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